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Original MPOW Premium MCM3 Universal Car Mount with Three Side Grips CD Slot

Mpow CD slot mount for optimal accessibility and traffic hands-free law compliance.

Strong, sturdy grip thanks to rubber-reinforced, metal insertion blade.Super-tight but simple blade system involves just a thumbscrew and tightening wheel.

Insert directly into a front-loading CD player slot and still easily control your electronic device from the driver's seat.

Simple installation:No suction cups, no clips, no screw, no adhesives and no glue. The Mpow CD slot mount insertion blade snugly and safely inserts into thin, pre-existing grooves in cars, planes, and boats.

Three-sided cradle keeps your sensitive electronic devices firmly in place while still allowing full function. Two cushioned side grips keep your electronic device safe and secure, while a detachable ledge creates a resting shelf for additional support. Remove your device easily and quickly with a push-button release.

Fits Larger Devices
Mpow Grip Pro 2 fits larger devices, including Garmin, Magellan, or other GPS receivers. only if the shortest side of the device is less than 3.1-inch.
360 Swivel:Find Your Perfect Tilt
The device cradle rests on a ball hinge,o you can easily adjust the viewing angle: up, down, diagonal, or side-to-side.
Shockproof CD Slot Blade
Mpow CD slot mount insertion blade inserts securely into thin, pre-existing grooves in cars, planes, and boats, so it is not easy to fall-off than other type cradles.
Grab-and-Go"Quick Release Button
This delicately-designed Button has so good operability that just a push of the button can automatically release the bracket and let go your phone!
Detachable ledge for triple protection
The detachable ledge at the bottom of the bracket creates a resting shelf for additional support.
Detachable and Portable
This device can be detachable ,so it can be easily incoperated .

What's in the box

1 X Mpow Car Mount
1 X Metal Plate
1 X Adhesive Metal Plate

Rp. 90.000

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Original MPOW Premium MCM3 Universal Car Mount with Three Side Grips CD Slot

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