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Kemei Rechargable Professional Clipper Hair Stylist Trimmer - KM-619 - Pencukur Rambut Praktis

Kemei KM 619 dock trimmer for men, women is a rechargeable, multifunctional device that has a host of features and trimming essentials. Now you can trim hair with normal clipper for a perfect finish. This trimmer comes with shaving essentials and can be used as a hair clipper or a beard trimmer. This handy device will easily fit in your shaving kit and can be comfortably carried around as it is cordless.

Easy to Use: The ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to hold in your hand and use. It is a cordless trimmer and you don’t have to worry about finding a power plug when you are travelling to get the perfect look. The high speed 13000 RPM motor trims easily and precisely without any pulling of hair. The charging dock is ideal for placing the trimmer after use. It also enables faster charging of the trimmer

Easy to Clean: The cleaning brush provided along with the product helps you keep the Kemei KM 619 clean always. You can easily brush away the hair from the blade. If you want you can detach the head from the main body and wash the blade under tap.

Suits your style: The Kemei KM 619 comes with 2 different comb attachments. These will help you to maintain your stubble at the perfect length, whether it is a one day stubble or a longer beard.

Rp. 150.000

    • Harga Awal Special Discount
Kemei Rechargable Professional Clipper Hair Stylist Trimmer - KM-619 - Pencukur Rambut Praktis

Colour : White & Black

Corded /Cordless : Yes

Reachargeble Battery : Yes

Charging Time : 0.5 - 1 Hours

Auto Overload Off : Yes

Gauge : 5 MM

Power : Comes With a 600 mAh AA Rechargeable Battery

Touch : Soft

Tension : 220-240volts

Brand : Kemei

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